Standards Of Leadership

Connect With Jesus

We believe that Jesus wants a loving, powerful, and daily time with us. Jesus has a passion to connect with us daily. He is our most important relationship. We can’t lead if we are not lead. John 15


Forgiveness is not optional. When we stop forgiving, we stop spiritually growing. We are never more like Jesus than when we are forgiving!

Tithe & Offering

We honor the Lord with our tithe. With joy, we give to God our first and our best! Malachi 3


We are committed to honor the Sabbath. We set apart one day a week and keep it holy to the Lord. The Sabbath was made for us to rest, heal and hear God.


The favor of God is found in unity. Our desire is to be in perfect unity with the Holy Spirit, which brings us into unity with one another! We understand that unity pleases the Lord. The commanded blessing of God on our life, family and church is more important than being right. John 17 - Psalm 133. We want to be known for what we are for not what we are against.